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A: Try another computer and/or browser. The best Browsers to use are Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer you are out of date. Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge in 2015.
A: Use the ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the login screen to get a password.
A: The DEC has set the total number of POCs a chapter can have to 3. If your chapter has 3 POCs and want to add another POC you will have to remove one first. See FAQ: 'How do I change my chapter POC?'
A: First you need to be a POC and logged in. Go to your chapter's page. To remove a POC click on the "Trash Can" icon button to the right of the POC you want to remove. To add a POC use the "Add a POC" button in the upper right of your chapter's page.
A: Use the 'Posting Request Form' on the More menu or Home page. Select the type of request you want to enter, Event, News Acticle, Photos or Hall of Honor. Fill in the blanks and it will be emailed to the ALR DoC Webmaster to be posted.
A: ALR DOC form can be found on the Documents menu, in the ALR DOC Forms folder.
(Click Here to go to the Document Forms)
A: You can find the Activity Log on the ‘Chapters’ menu. To add activities you must be a chapter POC and logged in to the website. When you are logged in you will see a ‘Add Chapter Activity’ button on the Activity Log page or your chapters page.
A: Send required payments to ther ALR DOC Finance Officer, see 'Who to Contact' on the 'About Us' menu.
A: According to bylaws all paperwork and payments are to be in within 30 days of the Annual ALR Convention, for a chapter to be seated at said convention.
A: Chapters get 2 delegates for being a chapter and 1 additional delegate for every 20 members or major portion of 20 (as in 11, 31, 51, etc.)
A: The back patches are to be purchased through the Quartermaster of your particular chapter or their designated representative who will contact Dept. Quartermaster using the ALR DoC store on the 'Quartermaster' menu.
A: Yes, to use the website on a mobile or tablet device use a browser and to go the website. Everything should work fine.
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