Posted by unknown on Jul 05, 2018

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)

Stopping a motorcycle in the shortest possible distance is one of the most important skills to possess.  Practice in a safe area as often as possible to keep the technique fresh.

The best way to achieve maximum braking is to apply both brakes fully without locking either wheel.  Simultaneously squeeze the front brake lever and apply the rear brake pedal.  Keep the body centered and look well ahead, not down; it helps you keep the motorcycle in a straight line.

The key to stopping quickly in a curve is to get the motorcycle straight up as soon as possible so that the maximum amount of traction is available for braking.  If road and traffic conditions permit, straighten the motorcycle first and "square" the handlebar (center the steering) before the brakes are applied for a maximum-braking, straight-line stop.

There may be conditions that do not allow straightening first, such as running off the road in a left-hand curve or dealing with oncoming traffic in a right hand curve.  In such situations, apply the brakes smoothly and gradually.  As the lean angle is reduced, more brake pressure can be applied.


My thoughts on this subject:  Pay attention to your surroundings, expect the unexpected from oncoming cars, stopped cars, pedestrians, animals and co-riders.  Braking is very important and practice as much as you can.


Rob Carrier

ALR DOC Safety Officer