Chaplain`s Corner for 2022-01

Posted by Jim Oxley (Webmaster) on Feb 12, 2022

We are in another difficult time. We are now recommitting to move our Riders forward after a very tumultuous stretch. Then to lose Rey Ruiz as we are moving forward. Let us keep in our hearts and memory the dedication Rey had for this special group of legionnaires and look to the future to making us the premier program in the nation. As we rally to the Riders’ banner under our new Director, Mike Smith, let us pledge to support him as he charts course to unite all six areas in one Department of California. 

Not everyone had the chance to know Rey; I was pleased to serve him as state VP and then as Chaplain. He was a great influence on me, as he was on many who rode with him. If you and your chapter knew Rey, take a moment at your next meeting to recall what he did with you and how he touched your people. If you didn’t know Rey, spend a moment to reflect on the leadership of your chapter and how you can help it move forward. Raise a toast (for me, non-alcoholic…) to Rey, the Riders and our future. Then a second one to Mike for taking the reins of this horse. 

May the God of our fathers bless us all going forward.


Fred Branson

Chaplain, American Legion Riders, DoC