Brand Loyalty

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Sunday May 27, 2018 1:33 pm

Brand loyalty.  What does it mean to you?

Brand loyalty is when you consistently choose one brand over competing brands.  I eat, breathe, and bleed the American Legion and the American Legion Riders.  I do not expect, nor should I expect, everyone to have the same enthusiasm.  You should support a person’s desire to be a member of more than one organization.  It is good to have variety in your life.  What I do expect though, is if you are going to be an officer in our organization that you give it your full and undivided loyalty.  If you choose to be a member of different organizations, you dress the part of the organizations event you are attending.  Not as a member of the other organization.

As an officer at the Post or Riders level, the membership has an expectation of loyalty to the organization.  They do not expect to see their leadership attend a function or event wearing the uniform or patch of another organization.  First, it is highly disrespectful to the people they serve.  Second, it shows contempt toward the organization.  Their loyalty must lie with one or the other.  It is hard to make decisions in the best interest of an organization when as an officer, each organization requires your best interest.

Would you expect an officer at the state or chapter level to attend an American Legion Riders poker run representing another organization? Would you expect a post officer to accept an award on behalf of the American Legion dressed in a shirt of another service organization?  Sadly, over the past year both have happened.  Why should a member have the desire to be loyal to our organization if the officers are not endorsing the product they represent?  You, as members, have the right to demand your officers personify the organization you elected them to represent.

Is this too much to ask of the people who you elect to represent you?  It should not be.  Actions speak louder than word.  You should expect brand loyalty from them. 

For God and Country,
Mick Sobczak
American Legion Riders
Department of California

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