Chaplain’s Corner

Posted by:
Jim Oxley (Webmaster)
Tuesday November 16, 2021 4:26 pm

Good evening from Northern California.

 As I have followed a number of chapters’ posts about Veterans’ Day celebrations and also after watching the Festival of Remembrance from London, I was impressed to offer some reflections on our organization.

 Comrades, we should all be united in our commitment to support our four pillars. But one thought keeps coming back: we can make every day veterans’ day in our communities. We are not constrained by a holiday.

 There is time enough for us to share ideas among our areas to attract new members which gives us a larger footprint to help more, a “virtuous cycle of love.”

 As an organization committed to serving Veterans living and dead, we have the obligation to share the spirit of Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day throughout the year. Look at the escorts our chapters participate in for those who have gone to Post Everlasting, but also the escorts for soldiers returning from combat or leaving on deployment.

 I send my thanks to all those who participate in these; know my heart is with you.

I am grateful for all the support we receive from our partners from the Son’s and the Auxiliary. Our organization is blessed to have you as key members and leaders.

 We may be different in our faith, in our ages, in our service; we are united in our commitment to support the mission of the American Legion Riders.


Fred Branson

Chaplain, American Legion Riders