ALR DOC Officers and Committees






ChaplainRoy Van 
Judge AdvocateJohn `Doc` 
Service OfficerGeorge 
Junior Past PresidentJames 

Area Vice Presidents

Area 1 VPFred 
Area 2 VPWarren 
Area 3 VPPaul 
Area 4 VPJoel 
Area 5 VPRey 
Area 6 VPJohn 

Area Alternate V. P.

Area 1aRich 
Area 1bCory 
Area 2Erine 
Area 3 (North)Ken 
Area 3 (South) 
Area 5aGene 
Area 5bRay 
Area 5cRon 
Area 6aJim 
Area 6b Milo 
Area 6cJim 

Safety Committee

Safety OfficerKen White 
Area 1aTimothy 
Area 1bGary 
Area 2Kevin Waltersno@email 
Area 3Rob 
Area 4Open  
Area 5Jeff 
Area 6Warren Cardielli (Bagger) 

Constitution & By-laws

Area 1Mike 
Area 2Sherry Henryno@email 
Area 3Robert "Smokey" 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5Paul 
Area 6Phil 

Convention & Rally

Committee ChairpersonDee 
Area 1aRory 
Area 1bLeslie 
Area 2Rob DeLunano@email 
Area 3Pat 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5aPaul 
Area 5bb. Nancy 
Area 6Lynne 

Credentials Committee

Area 1Dave 
Area 2Anna 
Area 3Jim 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5aGene 
Area 5bRita 
Area 6Lynne 

Finance Committee

Area 1Jane 
Area 2Anthony Serierono@email 
Area 3Mike 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5aLeonard 
Area 5bMike 
Area 6Steve 


Membership OfficerGary 
Area 1aSteve 
Area 1bRosa 
Area 2ARyan Sparksno@email 
Area 2BGeorge Smithno@email 
Area 3aRochelle 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5aa. Mike 
Area 5bManny 
Area 6Alan Milo 

Trial Board

Area 1aSteven 
Area 1BDavid 
Area 1CTim 
Area 2APatrick Tno@email 
Area 2BJohn Forrettno@email 
Area 2CRay Friendno@email 
Area 3ARalph 
Area 3BJim 
Area 3CMike 
Area 3dVince 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5aRon 
Area 5bPaul 
Area 5CTony 
Area 6ASteve 
Area 6BJim 
Area 6CJames 
Area 5dDennis 

Public Relations

Area 1Ron 
Area 2Eric Gatesno@email 
Area 3Geni 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 6James 


Chairperson Hy Libby  
Area 1Suzie 
Area 2Jeff Weber  
Area 3Vince 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5Leonard 
Area 6Don 

Uniform Committee

Area 1aMac 
Area 1bJudy 
Area 2Joe Paboneno@email 
Area 3Pat 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5Jeff 
Area 6Alan Milo 

Awards & Recognition

Area 1Milt 
Area 2Janet Wilsonno@email 
Area 3Ralph 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5Paul 
Area 6Jim 

Organization & Rules

Area 1Sam 
Area 2Ken Hancockno@email 
Area 3Pat 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5-no@email 
Area 6Christopher 

Area Commissioners

Area1Bob Perryman916-873-5007 
Area 2Terry Baughman(831) 320-8913 
Area 3Vince 
Area 4Vacant000-000-0000 
Area 5Paul 
Area 6Steve Weber000-000-0000 

Ways and Means

Area 1aSteven 
Area 1bTim 
Area 2Jennifer Diazno@email 
Area 3Geni 
Area 4Vacantno@email 
Area 5Vacantno@email 
Area 6John