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Safety Officer
Tuesday September 25, 2018 7:53 am



Just a short note to all members about MAKING changes to our Safety Handbook. In the next couple of months, the Safety Committee will be meeting (phone call) to look for any corrections, additions or mistakes in the Safety Handbook.

One area we will be addressing the location of the 3-wheel motorcycles within the group and I am sure there are other areas you might want to expand on. If you are interested in being a fly on the wall, a member or just providing input to the committee please let me know so I can keep you in the loop once we get started. Area 6 is still looking for a Safety Representative, so if you are from that Area and want to be part of our committee, contact me or your VP to fill it.

I encourage all members to download the Safety Handbook and read each line...…mark any change(s) you think should be made. Shoot me an email alrdocsafety@gmail.com and I will compile a list which will be sent to the different area safety representatives. The Committee will then meet and determine which changes are need to be made and present to the ALR DEC for approval. This will take a couple of months, but you need to start reading now.


Click:  https://alrdoc.org/documentView.php?doc_id=375&doc_cat_private=0


Ride Safe my friends until we meet again.

Rob Carrier
Safety Officer ALR DOC