What’s up with the Director?

Posted by:
Mike Smith (Director)
Thursday May 12, 2022 11:34 am

It has been 17 days since the close of the Convention. I have said it before we need to not only support our Posts, but also to get out and support each other as well. Our Area 6 Vice Director, Cris Molina delivered an eloquent address to the Convention and said it much better than I could ever have. This address resulted in two things; 1) Cris' new road name 2 Gether (Hope I spelled it right) and , 2) what our next year should look like, 'TOGETHER'. In the next few weeks I will be getting out and putting my words to action. I will be traveling to Chapter 716 Los Alamitos this weekend to support their Bike Blessing event. I am looking forward to doing what I love, getting out supporting our ALR Family and visiting with everyone and hearing what they have to share. See you on the road!
Mike 'U Turn' Smith
State Director
American Legion Riders
Department of California